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Vocational English

Busy adults need targeted lessons that will be relevant to their careers. Targeting conversations used day to day will ensure language acquisition.


Technology has impacted education on all levels. It opens up the ability to develop interesting learning material that can be accessed instantly. Reports of progression can be generated with ease.

ESL Tutoring

One-to-one learning is one of the fastest ways to learn a new language. Errors can be corrected specific to the learner.

Critical thinking

Parrot learning will only get a graduate to low level occupations in this Information Age when machine learning becomes predominate. Professional vocations like accounting and law have been heavily affect already. Ensure you can adapt to this change with critical thinking.

Corporate Training

As Vietnam integrates with the ASEAN Economic Community, it needs language and business skills to negotiate this change to the marketplace. Better educated Singaporeans and Philippines will mean a more competitive playing field. Train up before it's too late.

Learning materials

We can generate exciting learning materials to wholesale to retail education providers.


Boutique education provider that listens to you to apply the best suited learning theory

Experience the difference

To address the short fall of tutoring services, we have developed Tutor Club as a way to engage with learners. By using the latest methodologies and technology, we can deliver on our promises.

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Gamification is not game playing.

Gamification is a term that will increasing be applied to learning theory. It’s not actually games but the immediate rewards. That can mean publishing of score results instantly. It’s primarily task is to motivate the learner.   This theory is taken from game playing, looking at the motivation to play a game for so...

What makes a good teacher and how curiosity increases learning

Generally Asian countries are staffed with low level teachers qualified with only a Cert IV in CELTA. So expectations of learners are low, most just want to be entertained. That’s what they have experienced. Entertaining is not teaching, teaching is similar to facilitating. the learner needs to work for the information to be processed...

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are moving far from the days of Education Theorists such as John Ruskin but his ideals about understanding aesthetics at a deeper level resonate with the finding by this article. Article written by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum and published in the World Economic Forum

English Language is the offical language of the ASEAN community members

English Language Teachers towards ASEAN Community 2015: Are we ready yet? By: Wildan M Muttaqin (Presented on The International Seminar ‘ASEAN COMMUNITY 2015’. Conducted by Slamet Riyadi University, Surakarta) Abstract The paper aims to convey the development of English Language Teaching in Indonesia and the readiness of English Language Teachers towards ASEAN Community 2015....

Prepare for AEC with better English

This is a golden opportunities only for organisations that prepare for AEC. Thailand is investing heavily in English acquisition (Bangkok Post) English fluency is critical if Thais are to thrive in the wide-open environment of the AEC 8/03/2012 Nanchanok Wongsamuth Cambodia is getting ready   So is the Philippines From Laos   In Thailand...