Prepare for AEC with better English

This is a golden opportunities only for organisations that prepare for AEC. Thailand is investing heavily in English acquisition (Bangkok Post)

English fluency is critical if Thais are to thrive in the wide-open environment of the AEC
Nanchanok Wongsamuth

Cambodia is getting ready


So is the Philippines

From Laos


In Thailand

The Public Relations Department (PRD) together with Thammasat University Research and Consultancy Institute (TU-RAC), has launched Rosetta Stone’ e-learning software to provide English-language training to PRD officials in the era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Newsline correspondent Khun Neeranuit Traijakvanich has the story.
Vietnam is in direct competition with the other ASEAN countries for tourist dollars. The main reason people come to Vietnam is price, with better English and customer service is can increase wealthy tourists.

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